Votive, Still life expressions.

Votive – A timeless jewelry

“VOTIVE was founded by Alexandra Pritoula, a young designer who uses her extensive travels and experiences to form a unique perspective on colors, shapes and moods. From the splendid glitters of Moscow and sepia deserts of Australia, to the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, Alexandra is inspired by the inherent beauty in nature’s most precious wonders. Drawing on these spectacular moments and combining them with an artistic vision, these experiences and environments become impactful influences in each of her designs.

With VOTIVE, each piece is a work of art intended to represent an intimate memory, a passionate expression, or a momentous milestone. We take pride in the intense focus and dedication poured into each piece, down to the smallest details. Through artful combinations of gemstones, fine metals and immaculate craftsmanship, we bring our unique designs to life, destined to foster a lasting connection, that will endure for lifetimes and beyond.

( Source : Votivejewelry )

 Votive in a few sentences :

  • Creating a new experience every day.
  • Inspiring collections
  • Each stone is as unique and inimitable
  • Founded in tradition and style .
  • Using sterling silver , 14k gold-fill , 18k gold
  • Creating simple , delicate, organic , minimal jewelry .
  • Jeweler’s brass and natural .

I like this earings they posted on their facebook a lot with the quote make it more specail and beautiful , blue color like ocean like crystal .

” Be who you are and say what you feel because those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter. “

ANGLE EYES, such a beautiful ring I have ever seen . So pure and beautiful , like fantasy .

Amethyst, Yellow Sapphires, White Diamonds, 14k Yellow Gold

“Her eyes are deep like wells of water, and if you stare too long you may be lost inside her gaze. She skirts with mystery and takes a chance on danger, but her hypnotic beauty makes you afraid to look away. You’ll be compelled to stare with wonder just to behold Heather May” ( source : votivejewelry)

Heather May Ring

Cat lovers, be aware!! Here is inspiration collection . Calling as siamese cat earrings . Such a lovely earrings for cat lovers.

“These kitties are a couple of ever-changing felines: sweet and cuddly one minute and sleek and independent the next. Spoil them with treats and gifts, but don’t get too comfortable, as their claws are tucked but ready. For whichever mood may take them, VOTIVE brings these irresistibly elegant reversible Siamese Cat earrings.”( Source : Votivejewelry )

Siamese Cat Earrings

The last one I love is LOVE STORY RING. Every girls will want to have one in their wedding . Remain the beauty of love , the pure of love .

“Once upon a time there was a love so true between two people. It started with a promise represented by a symbol of eternal love, at the heart of which lay a beautiful cushion cut diamond held within an 18k white gold setting.”( Source : Votivejewelry )

Love Story Ring

Why does Arjutu like Votive ?

  • Their designs are precious, unique , fancy and beautiful
  • Every luxury jewelries have their own meaning and a story behind
  • Elegant , adorable , pretty and attractive colorful stones , designs.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/votivejewellery

Twitter : https://twitter.com/votivejewelry

Insta :  https://www.instagram.com/votivejewelry/

Website : http://votivejewelry.net/

Safari Sunrise Ring

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