Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday.

Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday..

Taiwan is an island between the east coast of China and Japan tropical island of south Okinawa. The past colonization of the island, where the japanese stayed 100 years, until the independance declared after communist party gain the power in China severely marked the island. Guardian of Chinese culture, and used of Japanese culture.

In Art of everyday, Taiwan introduce an interesting mixte between the 2 influences. Things from Kawaii world, as mascot and plush are everywhere, when you can find plenty of places and shrine strictly coming from Chinese Confucianism culture.

Is Taiwan urban art is a mixed of both or an international medley than you can find everywhere ? up to you to judge ! By our side we just wanted to share a little about what’s going on here, in Taiwan.

Worth the visit, Taiwan is a lovely island with affordable price, contrary to Japan or Hong Kong. This giant urban wall are randomly allowed by the city. Dynamic place which is looking to find a place in a big world where the giant China doesn’t accept its independence.

Catch in Ximen, Taipei.

Ximen is a very living area, full of young taiwanese at nights where shops, market, and restaurant, are crowded. More lixed territorry than Akihabara, Ximen is where Taiwanese Otaku can gather to buy figurine, catch Gashapon, play arcade game, and all activities beloved by Japanese otaku.

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