The ultimate Urban Graphist, Hua Tunan

Looking after Hua Tunan, one of the most impressive urban graphist i’ve been through, i had to confess than i didn’t even expected to find some urban arts at this level of tradition. And yet he is chinese. We all know how much in our media China has to be seen as a country of poor individual rights where individual expression is a none sense matter in despite knowing how the art tradition in China is long and persistant – only broken in a short time period of their massive history. It in this antic China than Hua Tunan bring us back without forgetting to include in his art all the modernity than the world needs to share his work.

Tai Ji theory

The main source of inspiration of Hua is the “Tai ji theory” worldy infamous as the Yin and the Yang theory. The chaotic state of his art, in appearance, doesn’t include any distinction between colors, the Yin and the Yang, as exploring without rejecting any of both Eastern and western culture.


Urban Art

Accrylic on canvas

Modern Vision



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