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Halloween Token Keycaps

Halloween Token Keycaps will be our very little design selected for Halloween. A creation coming from Vietnam, hand crafted and an object of non interest which make it actually very interesting. How to bring a keypad at another level part.1, by Jellykey. 3 models are available at the moment. Read More »


Cochine, the name comes from the old French name of the area “Cochinchine” including South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The brand is based in the lovely Saigon, in south Vietnam and it promises to bring luxury fragrances, and cosmetics, with the delicatessen of the old colony living style. Cochine is a luxury fragrance brand, company whose scents are completely inspired by ... Read More »

Shishi Nguyen

  Shishi Nguyen REAL – LOVELY – COLORFUL Shishi Nguyen come from Vietnam. Vietnam may not be a big name in the illustration world but there are many young talents , passionate, who deserve recognition. They are working hard to show to the world the Vietnamese culture. Many of them have been graduated from art school and some show their talents ... Read More »

10 vietnamese illustrators than you should know.

10 vietnamese illustrators than you should know will introduce a small selection of talented vietnamese illustrators and artists than you should know. Emerging country, the Vietnam and his 95 millions of inhabitants and a diaspora living everywhere around the world has a lot of things to let you know : Khoa Le Khoa le, graduated University of fine arts , also ... Read More »