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The ultimate Urban Graphist, Hua Tunan

Looking after Hua Tunan, one of the most impressive urban graphist i’ve been through, i had to confess than i didn’t even expected to find some urban arts at this level of tradition. And yet he is chinese. We all know how much in our media China has to be seen as a country of poor individual rights where individual ... Read More »

Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday.

Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday.. Taiwan is an island between the east coast of China and Japan tropical island of south Okinawa. The past colonization of the island, where the japanese stayed 100 years, until the independance declared after communist party gain the power in China severely marked the island. Guardian of Chinese culture, and used of Japanese ... Read More »


{:en} J’ai découvert Sainer, simplement en me promenant à Paris. Enfin, son oeuvre “High Hopes” pas encore sur lui. C’est des recherches plus tard que j’ai finit par tomber sur ses stupéfiantes créations. Sainer est un illustrateur polonais, basé à Lodz en Pologne. D’illustrateur, en fait c’est plutôt un peintre, sur toile et en extérieur. D’ailleurs bien que déjà conquis ... Read More »