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Fat Heroes by Carlos Dattoli

The fat heroes serie has been created in 2013 by, the mexican graphic conceptor and designer, Carlos Dattoli. In a few images, the artist brings a new step in geek culture transforming our everyday healthy heroes through obesity, giving in some points a better reality of the modern society. Talented, his art will provide laugh, or fun, but it won’t ... Read More »

Akira cover revisited

The Akira cover , the infamous Manga drawn by the mangaka Katsuhiro Otomo, is an impressive image by its quality to stay printed in our memories as long than 30 years after it has been published. We can see on it Kaneda, the heroe of the serie, walking to his futuristic red motorbike. Masterpiece of manga, Akira is  one of ... Read More »

Miniature calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka

The miniature calendar by  Tatsuya Tanaka is a project started in 2011 and aiming to create everyday new universe inspired by pop culture. Impressed by the work of the artist mixing culture, food & pop culture, we wanted to have an eye on Tatsuya Tanaka to introduce him to you. Recreating his own imagery which is shared worldwide through mass ... Read More »

John Woo, when Superman meet D&G.

John woo is an illustrator currenty based in Hong Kong, where he grown up and where he studied. As a smart illustrator he mixed the geek culture focusing on Star wars & Xmen with high-end fashion, the result is striking. His realistic line, his knowledge of the proportions and fashion, make his paintings a genuine stylistic appeal. The heroes seems to participate ... Read More »