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10 Lolita brands from Japan that you should know

It exists a multitude of lolita brands in Japan. The trends was born there in the late 70’s when brands such as Pink House, Milk, and Angelic Pretty started to sell fashion. It gains in popularity in the 90’s with famous bands wearing the dress. Mana sama, and the brand “Moi-même-moitié” is one of the most famous person spreading the style ... Read More »

Lillycat, the doll creator.

Lillycat is a french sculptor and illustrator living in Toulouse, France. After a few years working in communication after graduating from classic art she turned to start her first illustrated serie in 2004, called Mina Loween, and her first piece of sculpture the year after.  Althought she is very talented as an illustrator, we can definitely say than it’s the depth, ... Read More »