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Supernacular – Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing

Supernacular – A brand that Based in Singapore and created by three shopaholic magpies . Their products are creative and beautiful . Supernacular in few sentences : Based in Singapore Three shopaholic got together Attracted to anything and everything of supernacula quality Unique collections Beautiful and creative jewelries Panda Brooch “Up up and away! Meet little panda, he’s fluffy, fun ... Read More »

Votive, Still life expressions.

Votive – A timeless jewelry “VOTIVE was founded by Alexandra Pritoula, a young designer who uses her extensive travels and experiences to form a unique perspective on colors, shapes and moods. From the splendid glitters of Moscow and sepia deserts of Australia, to the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, Alexandra is inspired by the inherent beauty in nature’s most precious ... Read More »

Secret Wood | Capturing Nature in a ring

Secret wood is a company based in Vancouver, Canada, producing astonishing rings capturing real microcosm. The efficiency of the concept bring them gather more than 350.000 people on their facebook page as if in a world with more technology , humanity is requesting more Nature. The artisans of secret woods made an amazing job : Each ring is unique and produce in ... Read More »