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Women in beautiful kimono by Haruyo Morita

Haruyo Morita (森田 春代) is a Japanese artist born in Kita-Katsushika District, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture in 1945. She worked as a kimono painter until 1972. Her primary art subjects are women in beautiful kimono and idyllic settings. From an early age her artistic talents were evident, and as a schoolgirl in 1960, in despite she was only fifteen, her work ... Read More »

Izumi Kato, tribal modern art

Izumi Kato is an artist known for his powerful and mysterious depictions of human-like figures with a primitivistic air. Kato began his career as a painter in the mid-1990s and began making wooden sculptures from the 2000s. His participation in the Venice Biennale in 2007 and subsequent critical renown propelled his career on the international stage where he has enjoyed ... Read More »

Akihiro Higuchi, oil on beetle.

Akihiro Higuchi is a japanese sculptor dedicated to paint on small animals. Currently famous for his different paintings, it is particularly his art on beetle which bring our interest on the artist, even if we would love to display his works on butterflies. Disturbing consciousness, the living as an art support may lead to investigate into ourselves and our position ... Read More »

Art tattoo manga

Our article called “Art tattoo manga brings tattoo to a Japanese japanimation level” unveils an experience more and more shared on different social network platform where people prefering destinate their skin to express their love for a category we would love to call “Japanese subculture little stuffs” – instead of simply using a cream. Hmm, well. What do we think ... Read More »

Miniature calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka

The miniature calendar by  Tatsuya Tanaka is a project started in 2011 and aiming to create everyday new universe inspired by pop culture. Impressed by the work of the artist mixing culture, food & pop culture, we wanted to have an eye on Tatsuya Tanaka to introduce him to you. Recreating his own imagery which is shared worldwide through mass ... Read More »

Q-Rais – a story of cat

Q-Rais is a Japanese illustrator and Mangaka drawing short stories about an unfortunate cat, the reason why we share about him here, and we can find a larger work as illustrative works on shirts, jackets, creation of LINE smiley. What do we know about Q-Rais ( in japanese : キュ-ラィス) ? Q-rais illustrates a cat in different funny situations where ... Read More »

10 Lolita brands from Japan that you should know

It exists a multitude of lolita brands in Japan. The trends was born there in the late 70’s when brands such as Pink House, Milk, and Angelic Pretty started to sell fashion. It gains in popularity in the 90’s with famous bands wearing the dress. Mana sama, and the brand “Moi-même-moitié” is one of the most famous person spreading the style ... Read More »

5 Japanese kimono designer than we should know

Japanese Kimono. When it’s to talk about japanese fashion, the first thing coming in mind is the colorful trendy brands from Harajuku. Nevertheless, Japan has a very long fashion tradition and kimono until nowadays didn’t lose themself in the corridor of time. This is why you should at least know this 5 japanese kimono designer. CHISO Bringing joy to all ... Read More »

YOSUKE | Trendy shoes from Harajuku.

  YOSUKE More and more designer that design their unique clothing, different style ,or maybe add up both traditional and modern not only about clothing, it’s also about shoes, bags, accessories and more. So today, I will introduce a fashion Japanese brand which is very interesting and famous, crazy style but in a good , creative way . YOSUKE, a ... Read More »