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MAD et LEN is an original and authentic brand located in the mountain in the Grasse back country. Born in 2005, in a very small town called Saint Julien du Verdon, they had the honour to be spotted by the famous parisian shop “L’éclaireur” which made their renamed international. MAD et LEN is sold in a very few amount of selected ... Read More »

Astier de Villate

Astier de Villate was founded by Ivan Pericoli et Benoît Astier de Villatte in 1996, Astier de Villate is a classic brand hype born and handmade in Paris which is producing scented products, fine paper, tableware, furniture and lights. Their flagstore in the classic rue du Faubourg saint Honoré in Paris recalls french classic tradition mixed to a desire to penetrate the ... Read More »