Supernacular – Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing

Supernacular – A brand that Based in Singapore and created by three shopaholic magpies . Their products are creative and beautiful .



Supernacular in few sentences :

  • Based in Singapore
  • Three shopaholic got together
  • Attracted to anything and everything of supernacula quality
  • Unique collections
  • Beautiful and creative jewelries


Panda Brooch

“Up up and away!

Meet little panda, he’s fluffy, fun and a professional balloon pilot. Panda will look fantastic on your bag, coat, cardigan or a shirt. Perfect gift for a panda lover.” ( Source : main website)


Cheshire Cat Necklace

“We’re all mad here, according to the Cheshire Cat that is. If you share the sentiments of this iconic character, this necklace is perfect for you. Featuring 2 green Swarovski crystal eyes, this grinning Cheshire Cat sits on a branch (awaiting Alice) surrounded by playing cards. He is made from pieces of laser cut acrylic with printed detail.”(source : website )


Doodllery Colonel Bear Ring

“Doodllery is the super duper whimsical jewellery based around the doodles created by doodle artist Carrie Lewis. Colonel Bear began life as a doodle before being brought to life in layered laser cut perspex. Now retired from the armed forces, Colonel Bear spends most days walking his dog Eric and polishing his impressive button collection.” ( Source : main website )

arjutu-supernacular-10 arjutu-supernacular-9

New Little Moose release . Let’s adopt one .


Why does Arjutu like Supernacular ?

  • Their products artisan are good quality .
  • Their products are attention-getting , beautiful and brilliant , cheerful .
  • Creative , complex and elegant design.

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  1. Supernacular says:

    Hi Arjutu, that was a great post on highlighting the essence of Supernacular, thank you!

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