Q-Rais – a story of cat

Q-Rais is a Japanese illustrator and Mangaka drawing short stories about an unfortunate cat, the reason why we share about him here, and we can find a larger work as illustrative works on shirts, jackets, creation of LINE smiley.

What do we know about Q-Rais ( in japanese : キュ-ラィス) ?

Q-rais illustrates a cat in different funny situations where its only goal is to eat properly. This sequences are easy to read and to understand for international as they are only based on illustrations with a very few of japanese inside – it is not particularly the author’s trademark as we can find in the work of Q-Rais more stories based on dialogues. Nevertheless he excels in this role and his 147k followers on twitter won’t say something different.

We can laugh about the misadventures of the little – actually fat – cat trying his best to have a decent meal, below :


Here the cat try to prepare with all his best a Chahan but it lost 95% of its meal by excitation of cooking. 

Pizza time

Here a bad movement bring the pizza to lose all of its ingredients.

Boiled Onions

Here he decided to boil onions, but cooking time is so long than he finish by losing energy and mind for it.

Eggs and rice.

Here he is trying to add an egg to his white rice, but the egg slip on the rice to finish on the table.


Enjoying a burger bought – at final he stopped cooking ? – he is unable to keep aliments inside of the bread. (Ok, pretty common situation for most of us ).


Trying to eat Nikuman, the mouth of the cat is too small to reach the meat after efforts.


Here the chopsticks break the box where the food were contained. He lost everything he could eat.


My favourite, when he try to open a can but he failed.

If you liked those short stories, you should definitely have a look on Q-rais website where he draws more about a rabbit (“usagi” in japanese) which is part of his twitter name account : Qrais usagi.

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