Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond is a Canadian visual artist and illustrator in Vienna, Austria; born in 1981. He creates surreal, symbolistic drawings in mixed media. His artwork has been commissioned for album covers, posters, apparel and editorial illustration.

Sapphire Tiger- High5 Games

For High5 Games. Concept inspired by the white tiger image he made for Therapy Today.IndianTiger.jpg_Burden- Aeon (2012) from album coversCovers_Burden.jpg_Counseling magazine Therapy Today.Class & Counseling (cover and spread)


_Watership Down

Licensed limited-edition posters for Black Dragon Press, based on Richard Adams’ classic Watership Down.


_The Orphan Palace

Cover for Joseph S. Pulver’s psychedelic horror The Orphan Palace. Published byChomu Press.


_We Broke Up – Drome

For the italian art magazineDrome for an article about a band breaking up.WeBrokeUp.jpg

_La Plongeuse et les Chauves-Patates 2009


_The Hand-Me-Down 2010


_Treading Water

For Michael Kimber’s The Cure, stories of the struggle to stay above water when dealing with depression and anxiety.


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