Pastel art by Kimura Tomohiro

Pastel art by Kimura Tomohiro is a particularly graphic serie produced by the japanese artist Kimura Tomohiro translating the code of  shin nihonga (litteraly the new japanese painting) with a soft color palette.

About Kimura Tomohiro.

  • 1973 – Birth
  • Graduated from Takarazuka Art of Design university.
  • 1997 – Winner of a scholarship and an award at the Opel Design Contest.
  • 1997 – 2002 – Winner of the Toray DCA Award (Digital Creation Awards).
  • 2003 – 5 of his works were selected at the Japan Media Arts Festival as a work recommended by the committee.
  • 2020 – His art appears on the shelves, drawing, WACOM.

Various portraits.




Tablette WACOM


Irorumi Gallery Osaka

All copyrights to Kimura Tomohiro

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