Objet de curiosité – Amazing brand

OBJET DE CURIOSITE was created in 2001 by  Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot.


History of Objet de Curiosité.

“The story all began with a boundless passion for Nature and its curiosities. Even as a child, Pierre-Emmanuel used to keep insects and went out collecting fossils.

Over time, and as he traveled around, he started to put together a real ‘Curiosity Cabinet’ of his very own.

Very much in touch with fashion trends, his wife Lilau found a way of setting this passion within an interior design context.

Since then, their world has been enriched with a whole range of chairs, lamps, and machines that might have existed…

The company has grown, yet has still managed to keep this very curious, relaxed spirit. The new staff, from very atypical backgrounds, are continuing to nurture this concept by seeking out, inventing, and creating. “ ( Souce : objetdecuriosite )



Objet de curiosite in few sentences :

  • French brand
  • Discovering out-of-the-ordinary animals, plants, or minerals.
  • Acquired a unique style
  • Simple natural object to become an exceptional, cultural piece of design
  • Supplemented by networks of advanced skills in France and around the world


I love this red golden pheasant -one of their product so much. It looked so real and meticulous with the beautiful color and a bit classic.

“Red Golden Pheasants come from the mountains of Central China. Its name comes from the male’s beautiful red and gold plumage (Chrysolophus Pictus). It has been introduced as an ornament bird in europe and USA as early as 1740. The plumage and features differ between each specimens, and this one grew-up in France as an ornament bird, before naturally passing away.” ( source : Objet de curiosite )


And the other product that I like . Those butterflies are so beautiful and lovely. It can light up the room with their cuteness . It makes me remember about a quote : ” Butterflies are the heaven sent kisses of an angle ”

“40 blue butterflies of the Morpho’s family. All coming from South America (Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia). These butterflies amaze by the metallic colors of their wings. They naturally reflect the light. The reverse side imitates birds eyes, intended to frighten the predators.” ( source : Objet de curiosite )


Website : http://www.objetdecuriosite.com/index.php

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ObjetDeCuriosite/


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