Nacho Molina | “Realistic geek heroes”

Nacho Molina, born in 1985 in Madrid is a freelance illustrator and concept artist who gain celebrity through his work posted on deviantart.

He is one of this new “geek generation” of illustrator who has pleasure to recreate the universe of our childhood surrounded by japanimation, comics, and new geek icons. His realistic painting of famous villains from the universe of dragon ball and from comics has been seen more than 400.000 times on deviant art and are still shared through differents media, and on arjutu either.

Divided between the universe of Marvel & the one of Dragon Ball, he recreates on each of his painting the main essence. Not just a fanart but a totally new hero seems to appear.

It’s the case in this following art where the street of Gotham found a Batman as dark than a Joker in total madness.

Nacho Molina, batman and the joker


A realistic doctor Gero in his laboratory looking at the objective with a glance saying a lot on his coming project and a cell flying and destroying the world around.



More recently his illustrations are about the gaming world, his scene are still impressive. Letting a huge place to the environment and details.


But it’s definitely his reinterpretation of the villains’s world from his – our – childhood who bring him to be shared all over the world and give hime a place in illustration book of today.



Why Arjutu love him ?

Because he’s definitely talented and his paintings of heroes bring us to our childhood.

A Poison Ivy helping herself to conclude in an adult word than Nacho Molina is no longer a young boy


Let’s Follow him :





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