Lillycat, the doll creator.

Lillycat is a french sculptor and illustrator living in Toulouse, France.

After a few years working in communication after graduating from classic art she turned to start her first illustrated serie in 2004, called Mina Loween, and her first piece of sculpture the year after.  Althought she is very talented as an illustrator, we can definitely say than it’s the depth, the uniqueness and the sense of detail of her sculptures which led her on Arjutu today.

Doll arjutu Sandrebis

Since 2011, she runs the amazing brands Lillycat Cerisedolls® to promote and sell her works. You can find her dolls there, even if each one than we display here are already sold.

Piece of work : Lillycat cerisedolls.

Doll arjutu

Doll lillycat arjutu grey

Doll arjutu Sandre

Millie Choupi


Dolls a long story of love.

 arjutu 2

Why do Arjutu love her ?

Living – as the dolls she created seems to stare at you with a sweet disdain.

Lolita – as the exaltation of a classic concept in a punk ‘steam’ environment.

Where should you follow her ?

all pics are under copyright of Lillycat Cerisedolls®

Instagram cerise dolls

facebook lillycat cerise dolls


WhART do you thing about her work ? Let a comment.


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