Kirrily Anderson

Kirrily Anderson – a self employed , illustrator & designer from Melbourne . She is also know as ” I and the others”.


“ Her creative practice is an eclectic meld of visual art, illustration, street art & graphic design. With her studio located in the busy midst of Melbourne’s street art scene in Collingwood, her artwork has come full circle to reveal the quiet and reflective nature of her upbringing, while her design work keeps her connected to the fullness of the city life that surrounds her.” – Source : iandtheothers



  • Melbourne illustrator
  • Self employed
  • Grew up in the stillness of rural NSW
  • Inspired by nature
  • Graphic designer
  • A street artist
  • Using stippling technique


This illustration that I fancy the most ,Hyenas is the mascot for this character. Through the character’s eyes , his eyes’s expressions are filled with  live, anger , powerful , intensity, demanding and controling . They both look perfect, dark and powerful .

” Do as I say not as I do “



The second one I like . Again she is so talented in expressing her character expresson, especially her eyes – intensity with just black and white color , the crown, her hands ,through the body language  feels like ” I can control anything, I can get what I want” . A beautiful and powerful queen.



  • Her style is soft and reflective.
  • Simple but intensity , lively .
  • She can show the expression easily just only through the body language and the eyes.
  • Mystery , powerful and dark.

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