Kimmidoll – expressing life’s true values

The Kimmidoll was created in 2008 by an Australia designer .  Basically, all characters from the universe of Kimmidoll own their name and bring different kind of luck to their owner.

The kimmidoll™ brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example of this simplistic Eastern beauty.

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Kimmidoll in few words :

  • Inspired by Eastern culture
  • Perfect simple for simplistic eastern
  • A family of contemporary doll characters.
  • Traditional and modern creative
  • Values in life’s journey – happiness
  • Inspired by the beauty of natural



Mamiko – ‘Friendly’

“My spirit is outgoing and accepting. With your ready smile and natural easy charm, you share my friendly spirit. Through your readiness to accept others as they are, and to give the best of yourself, you live the spirit of friendliness.” 


Miyuna – ‘Graceful’

“My spirit is enduring and captivating. With your simple yet sophisticated style, you embody the timeless dignity of my spirit. May your natural grace and ageless beauty shine through in everything you do, to inspire all those who love and admire you.”


Waki – ‘Dignified’

“My spirit has poise and respectability. You live my spirit by showing composure and grace in every circumstance you tace. May your dignity and quiet humility bing you respect and esteem you deserve “

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What makes Arjutu like Kimmidoll ?

  • These dolls are gorgeous , elegant , cute and beautfiful
  • There lovingly designed that represent “ life’s true values “

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