Katharine Asher

Katharine Asher

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Having studied Illustration at Harrow College of Art, Katharine had been taking on commissions during her final term at university, enabling her to hit the ground running from the day she left.

An illustration for Natures gentle cosmetics by Katharine Asher
In the years since, Katharine has never stopped working but also managed to acquire a BA Hons and an MA in Fine Art to add to her CV.

An illustration for good housekeeping magazine by Katharine Asher

Katharine has a spontaneous and playful approach to a brief. She’ll use whatever media is best suited to the job at hand and loves to explore the magic of working in the moment.

Fashion illustration of lady by Katharine Asher

Much of Katharine’s work relies on water based pigments and she often deploys a striking, graphical use of contrast in her compositions. Two of her favourite influences are Rene Gruau and Kathe Kollwitz, so it’s no surprise that fashion and portraiture make up two of the strongest streams within her portfolio.

Eyes Cosmetic Enhancement - An illustration by Katharine Asher

Client List

  • Harrods
  • Max Factor
  • Oil of Olay
  • Carrtier
  • Armani
  • Royal Mail
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Collision Films
  • The Guardian
  • The Independent
  • Style Magazine

An illustration for Glamour magazine by Katharine Asher

Armani Fragrances illustration by Katharine Asher

ADDRESS : 23 Ohio Street Maplewood, NJ 07040 United States.

Phone : 1 973-763-1712

Eyes Cosmetic Enhancement - An illustration by Katharine Asher

Style / Techniques:
Conceptual, Line, Line with Color, Concept Art, Vector
Illustration for Veeto packs by Katharine Asher
Subject / Specialties:
Humor, Fashion/Cosmetics, Lifestyle, Feminine

Website : http://www.illustrationweb.com/sg/artists/KatharineAsher/view

Interview : https://www.illustratoren.de/de/illustrator/Katharine-Asher/profile/3295

Her illustrations :

“She’s got cherry lips, angel eyes
She knows exactly how to tantalize
She’s out to get you danger by design
Cold-blooded vixen. She don’t compromise

She’s something mystical in colored lights
So far from typical but take my advice
Before you play with fire do think twice
And if you get burned don’t be surprised”

Lady fashion illustration by Katharine Asher

“Sweet talkin’ lady, love how you entice
Sugar, with just the right amount of spice
Charming, alluring everyone’s desire
She’s out to get you you can’t run you can’t hide”

Style sample for veeto packs - Illustration by Katharine Asher

“If you’re looking for love
Know that love don’t live here anymore
He left with my heart
They both walked through that door without me”

Woman fashion and beauty illustration

And more :

Vintage bridal dress


“Think like a queen

A queen is not afraid to fail

Failure is another steppingstone to greatness “


“If you obey all the rule

you will miss all the fun”




Why do we Arjutu like her ?

Her artworks are so beautiful, fashionable , fancy , colorful, creative.

What do you think ?


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