John Woo, when Superman meet D&G.

John woo is an illustrator currenty based in Hong Kong, where he grown up and where he studied. As a smart illustrator he mixed the geek culture focusing on Star wars & Xmen with high-end fashion, the result is striking.

His realistic line, his knowledge of the proportions and fashion, make his paintings genuine stylistic appeal. The heroes seems to participate voluntarily and they wear all brands as models would do : perfectly integrated.

Since his previous works, he was spotted by local fashionistas, among them I.T. , selectism & Highsnobiety. 

Padme Amidala HE WEARS IT 2 jw arjutu

At Arjutu, we already can’t wait to see him leading a new fashion show.

Serie “He wears it”

X-men serie.

HE WEARS IT 2 jw arjutu catwoman rick owens HE WEARS IT 2 jw arjutu watanabe joker
He wears it superman d&g - jw arjutu

Série Star wars.

darth maul undercover arjutu He wears it 1st work jw arjutu martin margiella jar jar binks

HE WEARS IT 2 jw arjutu C2PO

HE WEARS IT 2 jw arjutu chewbacca

He wears it John woo arjutu

He wears it Watanabe jw arjutu

Why do Arjutu love him ?

Fashion – as we love fashion.

Geek – We would also love to see some of the most famous mangas characters participate to the show but Stra wars iconic characters & X-men it’s already a good prelude about marketing possibilities.

Creativity – as he gives sense to non sense idea & seeing Superman wearing Dolce & Gabbana has no price. As funny than interesting.

Where to follow him ?

WhART do you thing about his works ?

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