Jan Meininghaus

Jan meininghaus – an inspiring  illustrator who was born in the 70s now live in a small town close to the border to the Netherlands. He started his career when he was 15 years old .



Jan Meininghaus in a few sentences :

  • Working on autodidactic
  • Move to smaller town close to the border to the Netherlands
  • Inspired by everyday life , films , cars and music
  • Using paintbrush and ink , watercolor



The artist is responsible for main visual of the brand Rumble 69, he started with them in 2005. Red Hot & Blue was looking to create a rockabilly-denim brand, and the illustrator created most of their design, logo, from this time until now. Site : https://www.rumble59.com/rumble-69-shirt

This success bring him more opportunities to share his illustrations on tee-shirts, and his customer list grown up. The design below named “since day one” was created for the brand Maui and Sons, a surf brand created in 1983 in California and distributed worlwide.



“The Kamikaze queen” – Beautiful , dark , powerful and mysterious . She reminds me of a movie : Fast and furious.


This one is so lovely and cheerful , playful with the girl riding on shark . Rock’n roll !


What makes Arjutu like him ?

  • His style is somehow influenced by fashion , movies , music and urban subculture .
  • His illustration is beautiful , dark , energetic style of car , rock’s roll and eyes- catching and mysterious .

Website : http://www.jan-meininghaus.de/paintings


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