Hikaru Cho | Optical illusion and body painting

Hikaru Cho [チョーヒカル] is an artist / designer / painter from Japan as she indicates on her instagram account. Basically, she is famous around internet for her optical body painting illusion even if her works is going further in despite of her young age, she is born in 1993.


Hikaru Cho in a few sentences :

  • Born in 1993
  • Living in Tokyo, Japan
  • Student in Masashino Art University
  • Multi arts : body painting, stop motion movie, illustration, clay sculpture, clothing design, character design.

Her art :

Masterizing the art of body painting illusion, Hikaru is mainly shared for this part of her work. Nevertheless she show herself as being a sympathic and talented illustrator, – as following on this “tabetai” illustration where she draws japanese food – and she start to be a really talented fashion creator, as for the collection of Tokone.


Creations for Tokone.


We love robot girl

hikaru-cho-arjutu-robot-illusion-3 hikaru-cho-arjutu-robot-illusion

Work for Samsung

The artwork was commissioned to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 phones.

“Wireless Charging”


“I wanted to show the way that technology has become so integral to modern life, this design was inspired by the Galaxy S6’s wireless charging capabilities. ”

Why Arjutu loves her ?

  • Inspiring
  • Expressive
  • Imaginative

Links :

Vanilla art gallery 

Official website. // Instagram

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