Hideyuki Katsumata

Japanese illustrator based in Tokyo, Hideyuki Katsumata, has been exploring art mostly through his representation of Yokai, japanese ghost and/or spirit.

I met him because MAD et LEN asked him to realize a video for them which he did thanks to the help of a friend, cineast working for the NHK, one of the main japanese television channel.

I particularly appreciated his “craziness” bringing Yokai in the middle of a luxury brand and his most famous character : Hanauta, the musical style also bring to the video its resonance, here made by PASCALS even if the artist is also a musical componer.

MAD et LEN, by Hideyuki Matsumata.

I am particularly interested by japanese culture, i manage a website about Japan in France, i follow since this time the artist in his new creations. Also i was please to see one of his exhibit in Bnagkok, Thaïland, at the Goya gallery. His arts use to introduce original monster directly extracted from Japanese mythology.

Master of the gate DCA Dundee - hideyuki Katsumata

You can enjoy a long presentation of the artist by the Herald Scotland about his exhibits in Dundee – where the MASTER OF WALL ( see above ) has been done.

Among his creations there is one character which keep continuing following the work of the artist. Called Hanauta.

Hanauta guitare

Hanauta is also presented in musical composition surrounded by others characters directly coming from the “spiritual world”.

You can see him at the blockhouse in Harajuku, and in various exhibition in Tokyo.

Cover Little dragon _ Machine dreams - Hideyuki Katsumata

Sumo is crying.


Mural work at Ikebukuro guesthouse.


Mural art by Hideyuki Katsumata

Find him on his facebook if you are interested by his pieces.


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