Ghoul Art, Matsuyama Miyabi

The Ghoul Art is a very aesthetic new type of illustration directly coming from the japanese “gore” bubble, Matsuyama Miyabi transcends it by realising a new realistic portrait of the Adams Family bringing light on his other works. The Ghoul Art illustration by Matsuyama Miyabi is a travel in genuine emotions for who is able to realize the deepness to represent the short gap separating the living world to the death world, a theme transversal of japanese painting art.

The adams Family revisited

Unquiet things

In the serie Unquiet things, Matsuyama Miyabi plays with the old ghoul art from traditional japanese folklore in a modern world. By using image of modern beauty into a pictural Japan of Edo, he depicts a new era between past and modernity.

In a few points, who is him ?

An illustrator from the web, working by itself without yet well declining his identity.


See more on his instagram | Tumblr

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