Forest city in Shijiazhuang China

The Forest city in Shijiazhuang, China, near Shenzen, will be a city where 100.000 people will live. Sadly infamous in China to be the most polluted city in the country,  Shijiazhuang, glue to multiple cities for a total of about 60 millions people in demographic.

It’s the Italian architect Stefano boeri who will make the project concrete.

Famous for his green vertical tower, the architect display a whole new vision of a global city representing his idea of future. Popular in China where he came first in 1979, he is now 60, the city will start to be create in 2020 to success against the Chinese smog menacing cities.

The revolutionary project plan to build a city of 30.000 people with 2 schools, one hospital, a shopping area and office center. The consumption of CO2 by trees surrounding the place will be adapted to clean the air, as the expectation of Oxygen rejection by this nature will be high.

The green city also plan to use sustainable energy, and to create freshness thanks to natural creation. One highway will be used by electric car and one fast train will be used to reach the forest city, a natural wall will keep the sound far from the inhabitants.

To go further in a unique mixte between human and animals, the project plane to create nest for birds, location for insects, and help wild life to develop itself in the environment. It will be the first time in history than a city would try to reach an harmony level with the Nature. We can’t wait to see what will be done.

View on the project :

Link : Stefano Borietti

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