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Charles & Keith was founded in 1996, in Singapore. Destinate to fancy womens all over the world, the brand produces more than 750 designs of footwear, and 300 designs for accessories.


The Charles and Keith is created by the brothers Charles and Keith to create an innovative footwear line with clear design aesthetic.

“Driven by the vision of becoming the most admired fashion forward company, the brand inspires the fashion conscious with their distinct style of contemporary designs. At present, CHARLES & KEITH is recognized as one of the leading accurate fashion lifestyle retailers with a strong international following.”

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Charles & Keith opened their first store in 1996 in the Amara Shopping Centre. The store originally sold women’s shoes made in China and Malaysia.

In 1997, the company then started designing their own shoes with feedback from customers, with Keith designing while Charles managed the sales. The brothers bought materials directly from China

In 2004, the firm became the first footwear retailer in Singapore to introduce an e-commerce site

In 2005, Charles & Keith launched a new line of men’s footwear under the Pedro brand.

In 2007, both Charles & Keith expanded their range of products to include women’s and men’s accessories such as bags, belts, ties and sunglasses, with the introduction of the Charles & Keith Signature Label, an extension of the brand, offering products at a higher price range.

Charles and Keith in a few sentences :

  • Charles & Keith was founded in 1996 .
  • Charles & Keith is a from Singapore .
  • Products include women’s footwear and accessories.
  • Producing over 750 designs for footwear and 300 designs for accessories.
  • Area served in worldwide.


This one is my favorite . The elegant  tasselled box bag with the lovely high heels are so perfect together, so glorious.

Feeling like once she walks in the fancy restaurant or fancy party , place, everyone have to look at her. Simple but beautiful .


“Small structured top handle box bag with a tassel detail turn-lock closure. Comes with an additional strap for versatility.”

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Kết quả hình ảnh cho TASSELLED BOX BAG

Lace-up peep-toe high stiletto heels
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Kết quả hình ảnh cho LACE-UP STILETTOS charles and keith
Shearling-lined pointed ankle high booties featuring a high stiletto heel. Fastens with a lace-up design.
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Mid-sized crossbody bag with magnetic snap closure and fringe detail.
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Why does Arjutu like the brand ?

  • Their products are fancy
  • Modern and classic styles
  • Their shoes and bags are elegant and luxury
  • stylish accessories
  • Adorable
  • Beautiful
  • Fancy
  • Glorious
  • Colorful
  • Fashionable

Expansion overseas

In 1998, Charles & Keith began to expand their operations overseas into Indonesia, where by 2015 they had 40 stores.

In 2001, Charles & Keith opened an international venture in the Philippines

They debuted in the Middle East in 2004 with a store in Dubai, and another in Saudi Arabia in 2005.

In 2011, the brand had over 230 stores across the world mostly based in the Middle East and Asia. By 2013 this had grown to over 300 stores worldwide, including locations in Africa, and in Japan,




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