Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday.

Urban Art in Taiwan, Art of everyday.. Taiwan is an island between the east coast of China and Japan tropical island of south Okinawa. The past colonization of the island, where the japanese stayed 100 years, until the independance declared after communist party gain the power in China severely marked the island. Guardian of Chinese culture, and used of Japanese ... Read More »

12 astrological signs wonderfully illustrated

When the K11 in Hong Kong, one mall dedicated to high range products and designer’s brands, exhibit they share the stunning work of Mustafa Soydan, illustrator based in Turkey. A totemic representation, based on the art of detail and realism. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces You can join him on instagram Read More »

Incredible Artist Artwork from tribute show to Miyazaki

The tribute show to Miyazaki has been held in February, in San Francisco by Spoke Art. A new exhibition will be presented to the public in New York City from 29th of September to 1st October. The event presents a variety of illustrations and creations coming from different artist and introducing the anime of the master. Upcoming. New York City ... Read More »

Katharine Asher

Katharine Asher Having studied Illustration at Harrow College of Art, Katharine had been taking on commissions during her final term at university, enabling her to hit the ground running from the day she left. In the years since, Katharine has never stopped working but also managed to acquire a BA Hons and an MA in Fine Art to add to ... Read More »

Q-Rais – a story of cat

Q-Rais is a Japanese illustrator and Mangaka drawing short stories about an unfortunate cat, the reason why we share about him here, and we can find a larger work as illustrative works on shirts, jackets, creation of LINE smiley. What do we know about Q-Rais ( in japanese : キュ-ラィス) ? Q-rais illustrates a cat in different funny situations where ... Read More »

Jan Meininghaus

Jan meininghaus – an inspiring  illustrator who was born in the 70s now live in a small town close to the border to the Netherlands. He started his career when he was 15 years old . Jan Meininghaus in a few sentences : Working on autodidactic Move to smaller town close to the border to the Netherlands Inspired by everyday life ... Read More »

Fionna Fernandes

Fionna Fernandes – an Australian illustrator based in Sydney . Fiona was talented and creative when she was just a little girl. Fionna Fernandes in a few sentences : Has a bachelor degree in Design in Visual communication from the university of technology in Sydney Grew up in Sydney Using photoshop for illustration Draw distinctive portrait , advertising and more ... Read More »

Nathan Aardvark

Nathan Aardvark was born in Liverpool now living in Zürich – A freelance concept artist and sketches illustrator since 2005 and a world class artist . He can work in photoshop , animator , design web pages and character designer. Nathan Aardvark in a few sentences : Got Emmy award winning A leading internation and animation agency Studied multimedia and ... Read More »

Lennart Andresen

{:en} Lennart Andresen – is an extremely talented graphic illustrator .  He could actually draw when he was just only 3 years old  who is just a little boy that drew diligently . From only drawing cars he started drawing human beings. Lennart Andresen in a few sentences : Interested in drawing since 3 years old Fancy driving cars Passed ... Read More »

Jamel Akib

Jamel Akib – Talented artist and Illustrator was born in Leigh on sea, Essex, England.Now living in Salisbury , England with his wife and two boys . He is represented by Illustration ltd. in London, New york and Singapore Jamel Akib in few sentences : Moved to Sabah, Pursue further education at the age of thirteen Gained a BA honours ... Read More »