The Ghibli Alphabet

The ghibli alphabet, a cute project 100% Ghibli realised by the artist, Ekisha Narain. Source. Instagram : Behance : Read More »

Fat Heroes by Carlos Dattoli

The fat heroes serie has been created in 2013 by, the mexican graphic conceptor and designer, Carlos Dattoli. In a few images, the artist brings a new step in geek culture transforming our everyday healthy heroes through obesity, giving in some points a better reality of the modern society. Talented, his art will provide laugh, or fun, but it won’t ... Read More »

The ultimate Urban Graphist, Hua Tunan

Looking after Hua Tunan, one of the most impressive urban graphist i’ve been through, i had to confess than i didn’t even expected to find some urban arts at this level of tradition. And yet he is chinese. We all know how much in our media China has to be seen as a country of poor individual rights where individual ... Read More »

Bubble art by Avery Kua

Avery Kua is a canadian fanartist focused on big hit from Manga. Evangelion Cowboy Beebop Samurai Champloo Berserk Akira   A propos d’Avery Kua Digital illustrator Based in Toronto More on her personal website.  Read More »

Zoom process illustration vintage.

The following article, if i may call it “an article”, is displaying a really astonishing zoom process in an old vintage style of illustration. Obviously the succession of images works better on a facebook page or on an instagram account but you can still enjoy the idea here : You can now make the process from the bottom to the ... Read More »

Violent and classic art by Takato Yamamoto

Yamamoto Takato, born in the Akita prefecture Japan in 1960, is a japanese artist, painter, illustrator, specializes in the “ukyoe pop style”. Its own famous style is name the “Heisei ukyoe” which is an evolution from the ukyoe pop. Graduated from the Zokei University of Tokyo in the painting department, he will wait until 1998 to have his 1st exposition in ... Read More »

Marvel Pink Version by Spiderwee

This serie than we modestly call “Marvel Pink version” has been realized by the illustrator nicknamed “Spiderwee“. We can see different heroes from the universe of the infamous franchise in a “selfie young girl position“. All this ordinary very masculine character become “Kawaii” under the art of Spiderwee, than we are looking to identify ( update coming). In waiting for more, ... Read More »

Akira cover revisited

The Akira cover , the infamous Manga drawn by the mangaka Katsuhiro Otomo, is an impressive image by its quality to stay printed in our memories as long than 30 years after it has been published. We can see on it Kaneda, the heroe of the serie, walking to his futuristic red motorbike. Masterpiece of manga, Akira is  one of ... Read More »