Izumi Kato, tribal modern art

Izumi Kato is an artist known for his powerful and mysterious depictions of human-like figures with a primitivistic air. Kato began his career as a painter in the mid-1990s and began making wooden sculptures from the 2000s. His participation in the Venice Biennale in 2007 and subsequent critical renown propelled his career on the international stage where he has enjoyed ... Read More »

The ultimate Urban Graphist, Hua Tunan

Looking after Hua Tunan, one of the most impressive urban graphist i’ve been through, i had to confess than i didn’t even expected to find some urban arts at this level of tradition. And yet he is chinese. We all know how much in our media China has to be seen as a country of poor individual rights where individual ... Read More »

Akihiro Higuchi, oil on beetle.

Akihiro Higuchi is a japanese sculptor dedicated to paint on small animals. Currently famous for his different paintings, it is particularly his art on beetle which bring our interest on the artist, even if we would love to display his works on butterflies. Disturbing consciousness, the living as an art support may lead to investigate into ourselves and our position ... Read More »

Art tattoo manga

Our article called “Art tattoo manga brings tattoo to a Japanese japanimation level” unveils an experience more and more shared on different social network platform where people prefering destinate their skin to express their love for a category we would love to call “Japanese subculture little stuffs” – instead of simply using a cream. Hmm, well. What do we think ... Read More »

Miniature calendar by Tatsuya Tanaka

The miniature calendar by  Tatsuya Tanaka is a project started in 2011 and aiming to create everyday new universe inspired by pop culture. Impressed by the work of the artist mixing culture, food & pop culture, we wanted to have an eye on Tatsuya Tanaka to introduce him to you. Recreating his own imagery which is shared worldwide through mass ... Read More »

Ghibli’s toys by Zard Apuya

Ghibli’s toys. Zard Apuya is a toys customiser since 2010, living in San Diego, California. Born and raised on Guam island, in despite of his interest for art he has been first graduated from a MBA in Guam. His works inspiration has been first found in pop culture, and nowadays, food related toys are his main project. He expect to ... Read More »

Objet de curiosité – Amazing brand

OBJET DE CURIOSITE was created in 2001 by  Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot. History of Objet de Curiosité. “The story all began with a boundless passion for Nature and its curiosities. Even as a child, Pierre-Emmanuel used to keep insects and went out collecting fossils. Over time, and as he traveled around, he started to put together a real ‘Curiosity Cabinet’ of his ... Read More »

Supernacular – Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing

Supernacular – A brand that Based in Singapore and created by three shopaholic magpies . Their products are creative and beautiful . Supernacular in few sentences : Based in Singapore Three shopaholic got together Attracted to anything and everything of supernacula quality Unique collections Beautiful and creative jewelries Panda Brooch “Up up and away! Meet little panda, he’s fluffy, fun ... Read More »

Hikaru Cho | Optical illusion and body painting

Hikaru Cho [チョーヒカル] is an artist / designer / painter from Japan as she indicates on her instagram account. Basically, she is famous around internet for her optical body painting illusion even if her works is going further in despite of her young age, she is born in 1993. Hikaru Cho in a few sentences : Born in 1993 Living in ... Read More »