YOSUKE | Trendy shoes from Harajuku.

  YOSUKE More and more designer that design their unique clothing, different style ,or maybe add up both traditional and modern not only about clothing, it’s also about shoes, bags, accessories and more. So today, I will introduce a fashion Japanese brand which is very interesting and famous, crazy style but in a good , creative way . YOSUKE, a ... Read More »

Secret Wood | Capturing Nature in a ring

Secret wood is a company based in Vancouver, Canada, producing astonishing rings capturing real microcosm. The efficiency of the concept bring them gather more than 350.000 people on their facebook page as if in a world with more technology , humanity is requesting more Nature. The artisans of secret woods made an amazing job : Each ring is unique and produce in ... Read More »


ICHIHAN Everyone knows, or everyone will know, than Arjutu loves to make discover new brands, original, cute, well designed or luxurious from everywhere around the world, and specificly Asia. Ichihan is among those brands. Undercover of apparent cute design, a high quality brand is hided. Ichihan in a couple of sentence : A lovely store in Taiwan. Their core value : the most ... Read More »


French luxury brand born in 1910 close to Paris, Chanel is one of the first the top quality luxury brands to become mainstream. Created by Gabrielle Chanel, helped by Pierre Wertheimer, the company is still nowaday the property of the family Wertheimer. Coco Chanel Born in Saumur in 1883 from modest background Gabrielle Chanel start living in Paris, probably to follow her lover Arthur “boy” ... Read More »


Caudalie is a family success story born in the vineyard of “Château Smith Haut Lafitte” in Gironde, France. The vineyard itself was founded in 1365 by the Maison Boscq, before than a scottish named Smith got the property in the 17th century. Daniel Cathiard is today the owner of the domain. The brand itself started in 1995 after than Mathilde Thomas, the daughter ... Read More »

SHAMMANE | Smartwatch

Shammane est une marque nouvelle de l’univers des technologies né en Chine malgré le background des trois membres fondateurs Parisiens. Le premier modèle sortira des usines en Juin 2016, après le succès de leur campagne de crowfunding sur indiegogo. Watchface. SHAMMANE Smartwatch from SHAMMANE PARIS on Vimeo. Le principe de Shammane est de proposer une montre classe, standing, à l’ancienne bien ... Read More »


MAD et LEN is an original and authentic brand located in the mountain in the Grasse back country. Born in 2005, in a very small town called Saint Julien du Verdon, they had the honour to be spotted by the famous parisian shop “L’éclaireur” which made their renamed international. MAD et LEN is sold in a very few amount of selected ... Read More »

Astier de Villate

Astier de Villate was founded by Ivan Pericoli et Benoît Astier de Villatte in 1996, Astier de Villate is a classic brand hype born and handmade in Paris which is producing scented products, fine paper, tableware, furniture and lights. Their flagstore in the classic rue du Faubourg saint Honoré in Paris recalls french classic tradition mixed to a desire to penetrate the ... Read More »