10 Lolita brands from Japan that you should know

It exists a multitude of lolita brands in Japan. The trends was born there in the late 70’s when brands such as Pink House, Milk, and Angelic Pretty started to sell fashion. It gains in popularity in the 90’s with famous bands wearing the dress. Mana sama, and the brand “Moi-même-moitié” is one of the most famous person spreading the style ... Read More »

Objet de curiosité – Amazing brand

OBJET DE CURIOSITE was created in 2001 by  Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot. History of Objet de Curiosité. “The story all began with a boundless passion for Nature and its curiosities. Even as a child, Pierre-Emmanuel used to keep insects and went out collecting fossils. Over time, and as he traveled around, he started to put together a real ‘Curiosity Cabinet’ of his ... Read More »

Kimmidoll – expressing life’s true values

The Kimmidoll was created in 2008 by an Australia designer .  Basically, all characters from the universe of Kimmidoll own their name and bring different kind of luck to their owner. The kimmidoll™ brand was conceived following a long standing passion with elegant decorative gift and homeware items inspired by Eastern culture. The traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls are a perfect example ... Read More »

Supernacular – Ain’t no thing like a chicken wing

Supernacular – A brand that Based in Singapore and created by three shopaholic magpies . Their products are creative and beautiful . Supernacular in few sentences : Based in Singapore Three shopaholic got together Attracted to anything and everything of supernacula quality Unique collections Beautiful and creative jewelries Panda Brooch “Up up and away! Meet little panda, he’s fluffy, fun ... Read More »


Kowtow was found in 2007 by  Gosia Piatek . Kowtow is a New Zealand brand that produces clothing made from certified ethical organic cotton . “Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s cultivated land, yet it accounts for 25% of the world’s insecticide market and 10% of global pesticide sales, making it the most pesticide-intensive crop grown on the planet” Kowtow ... Read More »

5 Japanese kimono designer than we should know

Japanese Kimono. When it’s to talk about japanese fashion, the first thing coming in mind is the colorful trendy brands from Harajuku. Nevertheless, Japan has a very long fashion tradition and kimono until nowadays didn’t lose themself in the corridor of time. This is why you should at least know this 5 japanese kimono designer. CHISO Bringing joy to all ... Read More »

COROHAMU – A cute plush brand

Corohamu is one of the severals characters from the plush brand AMUSE. The plush hamsters are made by AMUSE. We came to talk specificly about this line among Amuse products because of a Canadian – Alex who Obsessed with hamsters and Coroham Coron (aka Korohamu Koron or ころはむ コロン) and who write a tumblr blog dedicated to them. COROHAMU IN A FEW SENTENCES ... Read More »


Cochine, the name comes from the old French name of the area “Cochinchine” including South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The brand is based in the lovely Saigon, in south Vietnam and it promises to bring luxury fragrances, and cosmetics, with the delicatessen of the old colony living style. Cochine is a luxury fragrance brand, company whose scents are completely inspired by ... Read More »

Votive, Still life expressions.

Votive – A timeless jewelry “VOTIVE was founded by Alexandra Pritoula, a young designer who uses her extensive travels and experiences to form a unique perspective on colors, shapes and moods. From the splendid glitters of Moscow and sepia deserts of Australia, to the vibrant colors of the Caribbean, Alexandra is inspired by the inherent beauty in nature’s most precious ... Read More »

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith was founded in 1996, in Singapore. Destinate to fancy womens all over the world, the brand produces more than 750 designs of footwear, and 300 designs for accessories.   The Charles and Keith is created by the brothers Charles and Keith to create an innovative footwear line with clear design aesthetic. “Driven by the vision of becoming ... Read More »