Lotus Flower Stadium, Guanghzou

Lotus Flower Stadium, Guanghzou, China. Expected to open at the end of 2020, the project of the Lotus Flower stadium, nickname for Guangzhou Evergrande Stadium due to its particular form as a lotus flower, in Guanghzou started on 19 of April 2020, in despite of the pandemy of Covid-19. The stadium will host the local soccer team of Guangzhou Evergrande ... Read More »

Forest city in Shijiazhuang China

The Forest city in Shijiazhuang, China, near Shenzen, will be a city where 100.000 people will live. Sadly infamous in China to be the most polluted city in the country,  Shijiazhuang, glue to multiple cities for a total of about 60 millions people in demographic. It’s the Italian architect Stefano boeri who will make the project concrete. Famous for his green vertical ... Read More »