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Our article called “Art tattoo manga brings tattoo to a Japanese japanimation level” unveils an experience more and more shared on different social network platform of people preferring destinate their skin to express their love for a category we would love to call “Japanese subculture little stuffs” – instead of simply using a cream.

Hmm, well. What do we think about this people ? Honestly. We think they are great !

Evangelion. Asuna.

Luffy. One Piece.

Spirited Away. Sen to Chihiro. Chihiro.

Yokai Tattoo.

Yokai are “phantoms or monster” from Japanese mythology. Here we can properly recognize a mask of an Inari wore by a snake with the body of a carp. Beautiful Art.

Japanese symbols.

A beautiful woman drawn on the shoulder, mixing white, red and black. Fan art from a total other level. Job was done in Japan.

Violent Kid.

It is a common practice in Japanese imagery to express violence, gore, blood. This is the point of this incredible tattoo displaying emotions of a young girl scarified. The piece deserve an oxymoron : creepy awesomeness.

Rumiko Takahashi drawing style girl.

I love this one. This girl has a spirit of Shampoo, the chinese girl in Ranma 1/2. It seems simple but such an angry face just licking a “Chupa chups” hide probably something.

Modern Art drawing.

An audacious drawing of a pure elite girl, clear but non structured. Forms and quality of the art, eye and lips are amazing.


Still an imagery with a cord untied when his hands are opened. Tied when it’s not the case.

We have a lot more to share. We will ! Keep staying update here, if you like the purpose.

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