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Our article called “Art tattoo manga brings tattoo to a Japanese japanimation level” unveils an experience more and more shared on different social network platform where people prefering destinate their skin to express their love for a category we would love to call “Japanese subculture little stuffs” – instead of simply using a cream.

Hmm, well. What do we think about this people ? Honestly. We think they are great ! Check it out by yourself ! Save the page if you are fan as we update it and share only if you are smart, kind or cute (even if you’re not you can still do it).

Evangelion. Asuna.

Luffy. One Piece.

Spirited Away. Sen to Chihiro. Chihiro.

Yokai Tattoo.

Yokai are “phantoms or monster” from Japanese mythology. Here we can properly recognize a mask of an Inari wore by a snake with the body of a carp. Beautiful Art.

Japanese symbols.

A beautiful woman drawn on the shoulder, mixing white, red and black. Fan art from a total other level. Job was done in Japan the model is french. ( if you read this help us to get the credit please)

Violent Kid.

It is a common practice in Japanese imagery to express violence, gore, blood. This is the point of this incredible tattoo displaying emotions of a young girl scarified. The piece deserve an oxymoron : creepy awesomeness.

Rumiko Takahashi drawing style girl.

I love this one. This girl has a spirit of Shampoo, the chinese girl in Ranma 1/2. It seems simple but such an angry face just licking a “Chupa chups” hide probably something.

By soto Gang ! Check it there

Modern Art drawing.

An audacious drawing of a pure elite girl, clear but non structured. Forms and quality of the art, eye and lips are amazing.


Still an imagery with a cord untied when his hands are opened. Tied when it’s not the case.

Tattoo by Hori Benny

Hori Benny is an american born tattoist living in Osaka passionnate by manga tattoo. He realises there impressive piece of art directly linked to manga universe. This is a few pieces for your concern.


Instagram Hori Benny

We have a lot more to share. We will ! Keep staying update here, if you like the purpose.

Note : if anyone of the model doesn’t want to be here, or want to be credited, just send us a note and we will immediately process. 

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