Akihiro Higuchi, oil on beetle.

Akihiro Higuchi is a japanese sculptor dedicated to paint on small animals. Currently famous for his different paintings, it is particularly his art on beetle which bring our interest on the artist, even if we would love to display his works on butterflies.

Disturbing consciousness, the living as an art support may lead to investigate into ourselves and our position about what is art or not. The living being beautiful by itself even if aesthetism taste is required, the nobless of the beetle is subjugated by the talent of the artist to display old and precious japanese pattern on the subject. A short time living companion of life which get immortality in the eye of art.

Akiro Higuchi in a few sentences :

  • Born in 1969 in Tokyo
  • 1995 Graduated from the Zokei University Sculpture course
  • 1997 Graduated from the Master course in Sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts and Music
  • 2000 First solo exhibition at Gallery Gen, Tokyo
  • 2003  First solo exhibition in Europa, Hamburg, Germany “ …es steht Dir gut” at CAI Contemporary Art International
  • 2014  First solo exhibition in Europa, outside of Germany, at Bon Marché, Paris, France
  • 2016  Solo exhibition at MA2Gallery, Tokyo  named “The poetry – reading party” 

Stag beetle specimen, Japanese lacquer,gold dust,silver dust 7 9/10 × 9 4/5 in 20 × 25 cm 2017, Aki Gallery

The masterpiece

“MITATE -urushi” Nobunaga Oda-Ranmaru Mori

The large Beetle represents Oda Nobunaga, the great lord of war who was at the origin of Japan unification in the 16th century. We can clearly read on it the symbol of the clan Oda. The smaller beetle represents Ranmaru Mori, who was the disciple of Oda Nobunaga, and probably the lover, as it was a common usage in the samurai era.

2015, 25 X 20cm, stag beetle specimen, japanese lacquer, gold dust, silver dust, mixed media

Find more works on MA2 Gallery.


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